Welcome to The Write Lawyer

Welcome to The Write Lawyer, a blog devoted to writers, authors, and the legal issues that affect them. My name is Jeff Mehalic, and I have practiced law for nearly 25 years.

Besides writing about legal issues and cases that are of importance to writers and authors, I will also pass along tips on marketing and publicity. I encourage you to send in questions and comments.

You can reach me at jeff@thewritelawyer.com or by phone at (866) 346-3462. You can follow me on Twitter as @thewritelawyer and @jeffmehalic and on LinkedIn (Jeffrey V. Mehalic). I’m also on Facebook (Jeff Mehalic).

Again, thank you for visiting, and I hope that you will become a regular reader.

6 responses to “Welcome to The Write Lawyer”

  1. Cassy Pickard says :

    Yeah, Jeff!! You've always been a significant member of the “family,” but this adds to it. Beware—you might have more traffic than you want. Should I not use the terms “family” and “traffic” when writing to a lawyer? xxox

  2. Jeffrey V. Mehalic says :


    Thanks for the comment. A lawyer may be used to seeing “court” after “family” and “traffic,” but I like your context just fine.
    Thanks for reading.

  3. Liz Lipperman says :

    This is so true. Fortunately for me, I write mystery, which comes with a great book club base. The other good news is that since I know so many people, I have already been asked by three different book clubs to come and give a review.

    I'm thinking – 10 women in the club equals ten books to sign when I get there. (Ten times three = whoopee!) Every book sale counts.

    Thanks for this great website, Jeff. I
    m going to put it out on all the loops.

  4. Jeffrey V. Mehalic says :


    Thanks very much. I agree, the simple economics of a book club can add up to quite a few sales, and I think a lot of authors don't think about them when they're figuring out to market their books.

  5. petemorin says :

    Dude, there is a glaring absence of officious disclaimers and obfuscatory language here. I might have to report you to the bar.

  6. Jeffrey V. Mehalic says :


    I'm hoping that my disclaimer at the bottom qualifies. But to avoid “official” attention, I can add language to sound more imperious.

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