My New Column at Pitch University Starts August 23

Starting on Tuesday, August 23, I will be writing a monthly column for Pitch University called The Write Lawyer, which will focus on publishing contracts and identify the provisions that writers can ignore (yes, there are some), those they have to negotiate (or try to), and those that are deal-breakers. I will review actual contracts from a publisher or two, as space allows, so that you can see how the provisions are written and why they are helpful, harmful, or absolutely objectionable.

My sincere thanks to Diane Holmes, the Founder and Chief Alchemist at Pitch U, for her enthusiasm and support. I hope you enjoy the column, and I look forward to your comments and questions.


2 responses to “My New Column at Pitch University Starts August 23”

  1. Erin Reel says :

    So glad you're joining us at Pitch U! What a fabulous and much needed resource you're contributing. Keep it coming!

  2. Jeffrey V. Mehalic says :


    Thanks for your warm welcome! It's great to be at Pitch U. My first column was posted today, and I'm very pleased with the reception it's getting.
    Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

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